Monday, November 25, 2013

Favourite Celebrity Looks | 2013 American Music Awards

The red carpet looks at this year's American Music Awards were quite an overall disappointment. There were definitely more unflattering and boring choices than there were beautiful and glamorous this year. Thankfully though, there were some standouts for me with gorgeous Nicole Richie looking sophisticated and sexy in a white cut out floor length dress, and a slightly classier midriff baring Rihanna making my top picks. Christina Aguilera also looked lovely in white channeling an old school glamour Marilyn Monroe look, showing off her svelte new figure. Top pick for hair & makeup also goes to Nicole Richie.
I can't say that any of the male talent caught my eyes - all donning an edgier, leather punk rock look. If I had to pick, the best dressed would go to Liam Payne & Harry Styles from the One Direction Boys. 


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  1. - i love nicole richie's look, although i'm over seeing cut outs like this of the side of the torso. the necklace is gorg. she picked well with gold jewellery, it goes really with with her h&m combo.

    - i actually really like kendall jenner, but there's just too much skin for me. i don't know where to look, my eyes go all over the place. i love the length of the skirt and the slit, but there's something about the top half. i do like the bib necklace though. (i hope the harry x kendall rumours are true).

    - christina aguilera looks sooo much better than she has in the past for sure. i wish the lenght of her dress was that little bit longer and the bust looks a little weird, but other than that, great job as a marilyn look-a-like.

    - and liam, what a cutie! LOVE that grey coat on him. sooo good. actually cannot stop staring. and i agree that harry looks good too in all black. haha i just wish he didn't have to pose like that all of the time, the big dork.

    NOW for my picks...

    - miley didn't actually look as disgraceful as i thought in that white pant suit. still a dick though.

    - lady gaga, hallelujah you look normal! thank god for your versace contract!

    - i really liked the bottom on taylor swifts gold dress, but HATE that weirdo 'dancing costume' cut-out in the middle. and her hair. her legs look great!

    - hahaha i actually kind of enjoy kesha's look and it kills me to say that! her two toned her i like and how she actually looks normal, like glam for once, even though it's totally the wrong dress for the occassion.

    but yeah, complete disappointment as usual. nicole richie definately took the cake! i actaully think liam is a rival! hahaha.