Tuesday, January 28, 2014

NEW IN! | Dirty Works "Good Clean Fun!"

I recently came across these cute bath, body and skincare products on the shelves at Coles (an Australian supermarket chain) and immediately wanted to try them out. 

The packaging was certainly what caught my attention, as the vibrant baby blue colour stood out from all the white and cream containers in the aisle. My initial thought was how similar the products looked to UK brand Soap & Glory - the design, packaging and product range. I did some research and found that Dirty Works is also a UK brand. 

I picked up 4 products from the 7 that were available in store -
  1. Dirty Works Supreme Cream Body Butter 300ml ($9.77 AUD)
  2. Dirty Works Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub 200ml ($8.68 AUD)
  3. Glow Girl Buttery Salt Scrub 300ml ($9.77 AUD)
  4. Bling It On Shimmer Lotion 200ml ($9.77)
The products all have a very lovely, sweet, fresh (fruity) smell, similar to Soap & Glory products. There are also two coconut products (with purple packaging) in the range, but I didn't pick them up as I don't like anything with a coconut scent. 

The products are very affordable, and I'm super excited to try them all out! I hope they are as good as they look and sound! 

- Dirty Works is exclusive to Coles Supermarkets -

You can read more and check out the extensive Dirty Works range here.
Or purchase their products at Coles online.


  1. Lovely blog.Visit and follow my blog, I will do the same as a return.

  2. I havn't seen these in my local Woolies or Coles yet but I'm definitely going to be keeping my eyes out. Have you tried the Soap & Glory body products before? Reckon they are the same company base?
    Just followed :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

    1. Hi Debra! Dirty Works products are exclusive to Coles only not woolies. They should be on the shelves in the cosmetic aisle where moisturises are. Keep an eye out as I'm sure they are stocked nationwide! :) xx thanks

    2. Oh! And yes I have used soap and glory before! Dirty works is a uk brand too but whether it not they are affiliated with soap and glory I'm not entirely sure, can't find much info at this time! Very very similar products and concept though, at half the price! :) so good!

  3. Have been seeing dirty works brand here in US at Marshalls. Picked up the hydrating mask to try. Feels great!

    1. That's great Johanna! Wasn't sure if they were stocked in the US, as many people were asking me on instagram. I recommend trying the buttery salt scrub, it's beautiful and works a treat! x